14 June 2024



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Marketing is an extremely broad term, especially these days. It is easy to enumerate a whole lot of quite general types and categories of marketing activities - if we take into account that in each of these types there are many more detailed terms, we can have a general idea of how much knowledge is hidden here.

However, this is something most positive for entrepreneurs who want to gain a lot of popularity in their industry. When it comes to ways of attracting new customers to themselves, we certainly have a lot to choose from these days. It is a very good idea to have a good marketing tool, but it is also a good idea to have a good marketing tool.

For this reason, the so-called mobile marketing is very popular nowadays; the reports about its effectiveness in case of big corporations are very promising. So, if someone wants to adapt to modern standards and effectively attract customers to themselves, they need to get acquainted with it a little closer. Using the Internet exclusively via smartphone is still a novelty for many of us, but the number of people for whom it is obvious is growing.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not see the huge potential that is hidden in this process and almost stubbornly refuse to adapt to the requirements that new technologies bring. First of all, we need to realize that modern smartphones - although very practical and convenient - are not fully adapted to browsing standard websites. We have at our disposal a much smaller screen and some applications used in personal computers simply do not work here. For browsing we don't have a keyboard and mouse as with computers - so everything is done in a slightly different way. The task of an entrepreneur who wants to advertise effectively with mobile marketing is therefore to keep up with contemporary standards and provide adequate comfort to the user who browses his/her website using this type of devices. On the wave of growing popularity of mobile devices, a new parameter appeared, called responsiveness, which evaluates how a given website copes with modern standards and to what extent it is "open" to the needs of a modern client.


Today's customer expects that a website of a given company will not be only its business card, but also a useful tool that will allow them to quickly contact the entrepreneur. The "click-to-call" function is one of the most frequently used and should be obligatorily available on every truly functional website. Since it is viewed using a mobile phone, the customer wants to be able to call us quickly. Such a button placed on the website is therefore extremely useful - thanks to it, there is no need to enter our number in order for the phone to automatically connect the customer with the company. Drive to Store is another very important function, addressed mainly to stores. Using the possibilities of modern technology, it allows to quickly invite the customer to do shopping with us - not only online, but also in stationary shops. A special application sends an invitation to a customer who is in the vicinity of our store. The possibilities are extremely wide; it is possible, among other things, to prepare an individual assortment proposal taking into account the needs of a given client.

These are only examples, because mobile marketing hides a lot of incredible possibilities and functions. It is definitely worth getting interested in them and at least gradually start implementing them in your own company. It is safe to say that an entrepreneur who does not use them does not move with the times and loses a lot of opportunities when it comes to attracting new customers.

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