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301 and 302 redirects - usage


What are redirects and what do they do? It is simple - despite the change of the website address, thanks to them the user is redirected to the right website and to the content he is looking for. Additionally, they allow you not to lose your audience and also make Google robots visit, index and scan the right site.

URL redirects

The basic question is - what is it? The easiest way to interpret them will be as information for Internet users and search engines - and of course their robots - that the page has been moved to another address. A simple analogy in this case will be a change of mailing address, necessary to receive or send a package. In the online world, this delivery is, of course, the content and messages you want. On the Internet, however, there is no need to enter a new www. address, because the system itself transfers interested parties to the appropriate place. What is important, there are two types of redirections.

301 redirect

It is a "permanent" redirect command, i.e. a permanent transfer from a given website to another one. We can safely say that it is the most commonly used in SEO actions. Thanks to it there is also no fear of losing the potential and the position of the website in search engines for a given phrase. Internet users also know that the website they have chosen exists, but has only been moved to another address - to which users are transferred almost immediately. It also has an impact on the positioning and optimization process.

301 is used, among others:

  • when you want to ensure that the recipients are moved to the same page, regardless of whether they type www. or not
  • in a situation of permanent moving a website to a new domain

302 redirect

This is, in turn, a temporary redirect command that you don't want to put in place forever. It is a clear signal for users, search engines and their robots that such a change is only temporary, so it is not worth getting attached to it. It is not worth getting attached to it, as the next change will occur soon - the site will return to its proper place.

302 is used, among other things:

  • for the duration of moderation works, conducted on the site
  • during rebuilding of subpages
  • in online stores - when there is an offer with a product that is currently unavailable
  • when a promotion, valid seasonally, is finished or suspended.

Both redirections make it easier not only for the Internet users, browsers and robots. It is also a way for the owners of a given website to easily work on extending the website or change its address without the fear of losing its power, potential and position in the search engine - issues that you have to work on for a really long time. If there is a need not only for positioning, but also for such changes, it is worth contacting specialists from Alte Media https://www.altemedia.pl/audyt-i-optymalizacja-stron. The support of experts in the field of positioning will prove essential!

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