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A few ways to create an effective promotional flyer

A few ways to create an effective promotional flyer


When we order flyer printing from a professional printing house, we put a lot of effort into making sure that the content and graphics it contains bring the expected promotional effects. We mainly care about increasing the number of customers, and thus multiplying the company's revenue. When designing a leaflet in terms of graphics and content it's worth taking advice from the specialists at JKB Print digital print shop.

4 easy steps to create the perfect company leaflet

1. create your flyer in a marketing-oriented way

Think about what information is worth including in your flyer. Think about an advertising slogan or funny graphics that won't let people forget about your company.

2. give the recipient something more than just an advertisement

There are ways to reduce the risk of throwing your flyer in the trash, which unfortunately happens in some cases. This is especially true if the person ordering the flyer only sees it as an advertisement. The flyer should contain something else - real benefits for the customer. It can be a map that makes it easier to get to your company or, for example, a slogan informing that a 15% discount is available by bringing the flyer to your company's headquarters. Find out more about leaflet advertising at https://www.jkbprint.pl/ulotki.

3. don't forget the most important information

Although it may seem surprising, in our practice we have encountered many situations where a business owner brings us a draft flyer that does not contain basic contact information. This was not due to negligence, but a simple oversight. Fortunately, we were able to spot it in time. Many of our clients get so caught up in putting together the right content for the right flyer and choosing the most interesting artwork that they forget about mundane information like company name, address and contact phone number.

4. pay attention to the overall look of your flyer

Think about whether the content is clear, whether the words are not stifled by strong graphics, whether there is something in it that grabs the recipient's attention. If necessary, make corrections, such as changing the location of the address or emphasizing the advertising slogan.

Regardless of whether you are currently designing folded flyers, classic flyers or advertising brochures, keep the above four tips in mind. This way you can guarantee that your flyer will have the desired advertising effect.

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