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Segmentation in email marketing


One of the most commonly used types of internet marketing is email marketing. It, too, has several forms that require you to gather an appropriate base of recipients. However, for email marketing to be really effective, it's worth segmenting the recipients of marketing letters. Why should you do it and how to do it so that the segmentation brings the expected results?

What is segmentation in email marketing?

Segmentation The external material segmentation of email marketing recipients allows you to create smaller groups based on how active people are in relation to your newsletter, and also based on what they agreed to when they subscribed to your messages. User transactions etc. can also be taken into account. Interestingly, studies show that only less than 14% of the units analyzed segment their mailing base. And segmentation is important in this kind of promotional activities, because it allows you to focus on recipients who do not open the messages and better adapt them to these people. This reduces the risk of a person unsubscribing from a newsletter. This is important because nowadays Gmail inbox users receive suggestions that they can unsubscribe from certain subscriptions that they do not open.

How to segment email recipients?

One of the issues that should be taken into account when planning segmentation is the data of the recipients. If you use special applications that allow you to send mass emails such as FreshMail, this task is much easier. Thanks to this you can quickly divide recipients into smaller groups, which can be better managed and to which you can send better tailored content. The application will also help to separate a group of users who take similar actions after opening a message that was sent to them and also create a separate segment from them.

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