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5 tips to improve the effectiveness of your newsletter


Newsletter is currently one of the most popular marketing tools, whose potential is growing. The growing number of people who have their own e-mail boxes, as well as the increase in the frequency of receiving mail from a computer, laptop and also a phone, is conducive to the development of a sales channel which is a newsletter. However, in order for it to turn out to be effective, it is worth remembering a few rules both in the process of planning and carrying out a mailing campaign.

1. user consent

A very important element, which many people forget about, is obtaining the user's consent to receiving an e-mail message, which is dictated by the binding legal regulations. It is usually obtained by providing the user with a simple form on the website. Lack of such consent may result not only in your message being ignored by the owner of the e-mail box, but also expose you to criminal penalties.

Make sure you have the right headline

It's not hard to guess that the headline can determine whether a user even wants to read the message. An inappropriate title may cause your message to go straight to the SPAM folder and you will lose your chance to reach that user. An effective headline should be interesting and encouraging to read the message. A great way to do this is to personalize your message. Did you know that the click-through rate increases by 15% if the recipient's name appears in the headline?

3. define a clear objective

The content of the newsletter must clearly define what the user should do. It may be, for example, registering in the service, purchasing a product or simply going to the indicated website. That's why you should always remember to include a CTA (call to action), thanks to which the recipient will receive a message and at the same time a hint what he or she should do.

4. plan the frequency of your mailings

Planning the frequency of your mailings is not an easy task. But the key to success is your subscribers. The easiest way to do this is to ask them how often they want to receive messages from you. You can use a simple form with checkboxes in which the recipient indicates how many messages they want to receive in a given period of time. Another way to determine the frequency of mailings is to simply track the statistics and test how decreasing or increasing the number of emails sent in a given period of time affected the click-through rate.

5. analyze, test, draw conclusions

An extremely important, although often ignored element of an effective newsletter campaign is analysing its effects and drawing conclusions for the future. Above all, it is worth checking at what times and on what days of the week the click-through rate was the highest, and at what times it was the lowest, or which headlines were the most effective. The more data you analyze, the more information you will obtain about your audience. In this way you will be able to segment your base more precisely and thus increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

As you can see preparing an effective newsletter is not as obvious a task as it might seem. It requires not only a lot of experience, but also knowledge about users and data analysis skills. But what if we don't have the above competences or we simply don't have enough time to prepare the newsletter? A perfect solution then would be Newsletterit - a modern online platform which allows you to entrust professionals with running a newsletter campaign. Newsletterit will provide you with complex support in the field of strategy planning, selection of appropriate analytic tools as well as in the creation of effective content. You in turn save time and gain the certainty that your newsletter will successfully achieve your business goals.

Source: Newsletterit.org

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A newsletter is a great way to maintain relationships with your customers provided you have your own base of subscribers or recipients. Sending everything out blindly is also called a newsletter but it resembles pure spam.

EUFriend (Albert)

4 July 2021 6:34pm

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