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Every entrepreneur knows very well that the success of his company is largely determined by properly prepared advertising campaign. A good advertisement can be remembered, it presents a product or service in a positive light and, above all, encourages to use the offer.

When preparing an advertisement, the right scenario is of key importance. Too long spot, poorly chosen actors, not original idea or excessive praise of the product or service usually have the opposite effect to the intended, and can even discourage customers to a specific brand. In addition to good advertising, its range, the circumstances in which the recipient views it and the quality of the image are also important. That is why it is worth considering advertising your company in the cinema.

Positive associations

People who go to the movies associate the cinema as a place for relaxation and entertainment. Because they associate it with positive feelings, they assimilate the content shown before the screening much easier. As a result, the brand advertised on the big screen will evoke good associations, which is what effective marketing is all about.

Greater focus on advertising

Entrepreneurs very often decide to advertise on the radio, television or in the press. It is true that such media have a wide range, so they can reach a wide audience, but it should be remembered that marketing campaigns present in them are often neglected. Although radio often accompanies many people in their everyday duties, it is usually a kind of background, so the advertising material may escape the listener. It is similar with television - most viewers treat the breaks in the film as a moment to make themselves a cup of tea, or turn on another program during that time. In the case of newspapers, commercials are simply skipped. The situation is slightly different in the cinema, where the viewers in a dark room focus their attention on the message to the maximum, and the highest quality sound and picture work much more effectively than in other media. Advertising in the cinema is therefore much better remembered than the one seen in the press or television or heard on the radio.


Some cinemas are fully digitalized which not only guarantees modern solutions in the field of cinema advertising but also allows to significantly reduce the time needed to prepare a spot for emission on the big screen. It is enough to transfer a marketing film to a proper format to be able to launch the whole campaign in just 48 hours counting from making such a decision. For entrepreneurs this means lower production costs and thus constitutes an extremely attractive offer.

Reliable data

When choosing the right cinema chain where an entrepreneur wants to broadcast his commercial, data collected during the screenings is crucial. This will make it much easier to find out if the campaign has achieved its goal, as well as to learn about the audience's preferences and, if necessary, use this information when preparing future commercials.

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