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Advertising is a lever of trade - about this statement have been written countless academic treatises, articles in trade magazines and books. We all know that it is worth to appear in the media, to have a recognizable brand. Not everyone, however, knows how little it takes to get positive publicity without considerable financial outlays. Economical and precisely tailored forms of advertising in the local social color are not doomed to failure, and their growing popularity proves their effectiveness.

Printing on latex balloons, carried out by LuxPol Group company, is one of the most effective ways for positively associated advertising. First of all because of... balloons! Each of us loves them, regardless of age. Balloons work best at outdoor events or special occasions such as a new movie premiere at a festival or a new store opening. Balloons handed out to children remind their parents about a given brand, which contributes to brand recognition and, consequently, an increase in reach and profit. LuxPol Group offers also foil balloons, as well as a whole range of other advertising media - flags, masts, pneumatic balloons.

Advantages of balloons are: high precision, long life time of air in them and the quality of application. Printing on latex balloons in an unchanged form withstands years of intensive use. Such a long period is of course unnecessary, but it illustrates the excellent level represented by the balloons. The type of printing can be chosen from two methods - screen printing and CMYK. Balloons come in a variety of sizes and the difference between the smallest screen-printed - 25 centimetres in diameter - and the largest - 90 centimetres in diameter - illustrates how flexible this means of advertising can be. Printing on latex balloons if you choose the latter option (CMYK) ranges from 25 centimetres to 35 centimetres. What is the difference between screen printing and CMYK? Screen printing on latex balloons allows you to choose up to 8 colours, so is ideal for logos or lettering. Larger balloon sizes are possible, with a print area of 10-15 centimetres. CMYK means that 80% of the balloon is printed, but in a smaller size - the largest balloon diameter is 35 centimetres. The advantage is the full color palette, so what you can print on a piece of paper in a regular office printer, you can print on a balloon using CMYK.

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