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Effective marketing that actually translates into better sales results of a given company should first of all be dynamic. The situation on the market and customer preferences may change in a very short period of time, so we cannot expect that something that works well at a given moment will still be valid in a few months. A certain response of the marketing industry to such challenges is real-time marketing. It assumes very dynamic actions and constant modification of the marketing strategy in such a way that at any given moment it is maximally adjusted to the trends prevailing on the market.

Of course, this involves considerable challenges. First of all, it is necessary to constantly track all changes occurring in the industry and monitor user preferences. This requires staying up to date with all the events that are happening not only on individual markets, but also around the world. After all, it is no secret that important, historical events - even those concerning politics or society - have a great impact on the sales of many different products. Of course, you have to be able to sense exactly which events are important to your potential customers. Real-time marketing is therefore very much about getting to know the people we are targeting with our content. We need to know what exactly they are interested in and what topics we should cover to gain their attention.

This method is known as newsjacking. Marketing specialists who deal with it have to constantly keep track of all the current news from the world and catch among them the ones that may be important from the point of view of advertising a given company. Of course, it is very important to react to the news as quickly as possible. Customers need to see that we have our finger on the pulse and we are constantly present - this builds trust and the image of active people who are genuinely interested in their industry.

Such activities inevitably require a lot of work and involvement of many people. It is not surprising that a lot of companies are trying to introduce at least some degree of automation, which actually makes it much easier. The marketing automation system is already a fantastic option here. Above all, it is an extremely effective tool for the constant monitoring of all available media - both news sites and the most diverse channels for passing on information on social networks. However, the system is even more powerful. Thanks to the preparation of accurate reports on user behaviour it allows to determine how the Internet users react to a particular event - whether they have a negative or positive attitude towards it. Of course, it also allows us to assess the effectiveness of our marketing activities, because we can immediately see how they are received by potential customers. This is extremely important, because thanks to this it is easier for us to determine the specific expectations and preferences of people to whom we direct our advertising content. This allows you to more effectively optimize your offer and prepare it in such a way that it corresponds to the current mood on the market.

Thanks to this system we can also much more easily manage all the channels we use to provide information to our recipients. Currently, such channels are very diverse - if someone wants to reach a wide range of people, the list of social networking sites is quite long. Without proper automation, doing everything manually, it is quite difficult to coordinate your activities in such a way that users of all these portals receive information from us simultaneously. Marketing automation system allows us to do something like this and makes our task much easier.

The times are slowly passing when a simple advertising content providing the recipient with basic information about our offer was enough. Today, customers want something much more. They expect the content we serve them to be on a really high level and to carry a lot of value. Real-time marketing is a perfect answer to these expectations. If we use it skillfully we can show our clients that we do not treat them as impersonal numbers in statistics; it allows us to personalize advertising content prepared by us and show that we are actually interested in the industry we deal with. However, in order to be able to carry out such activities really effectively, a proper system is necessary to manage them effectively. That is why marketing automation is such a great option here. Thanks to this tool we can both precisely analyze the data necessary to determine the preferences of our recipients and coordinate all our activities.

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