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Marketing is as old as the world - traces of the first advertisements can be found in antiquity. But methods of convincing customers move with the times. We reach for more and more new means of expression to attract attention and stand out from the competition. What is effective in modern marketing?

Marketing tools have changed a lot in recent years. First of all thanks to modern technologies. They allow us to better meet the needs of the target group of customers. But not only technologies come into play. Conscious brand building also counts.

A coherent visual identification is the basis

When you think of the most prestigious brands in the world, you will notice that you are easily able to imagine their logotype, colors or "atmosphere". This is the secret of successful creation of a coherent image. It consists of both the most important elements such as: the logo, the typeface of the fonts used or the flagship colors. But the details are also important, i.e. the translation of the idea into practice. Every element of visual communication - from a leaflet, a website, a background photo on a fanpage, to the design of a shop window or a sales stand must convey one and the same message. If you want to build a modern, ambitious brand that inspires customer trust (which will translate into sales) - take care of consistency. Build the whole marketing on this one system of values and visual identification. This is an absolute basis.

Social media and promotion in the network

The Internet conquered the hearts of consumers already a dozen or so years ago. But nowadays there is not much to be gained from eye-catching banner ads, sponsored links or pushy promotion closed to interaction. Instead of promising your customers how great your products are, just talk to them. Opt for an open discussion on your fanpage, invest in a substantive blog that will be a source of knowledge and present you as an expert in the industry, and let "influential personalities" - such as bloggers or vloggers - test your products. If you're not afraid to verify the quality of the solutions you offer - you can only benefit from this by promoting yourself naturally.

Modern sales

This approach means changing your approach to your customers. Not only when it comes to their service - although this is crucial and must be based on advice, not persuasion. It is also important that your shop, or even a small sales island in a shopping centre, is a place that encourages interaction. An attractive and inspiring shop window that tempts not only with its low price tags but also with its design, backlit advertising that makes you stand out from a distance, interactive POS that testifies to your innovation or shop furniture that conveys your brand's atmosphere - all these things contribute to an attractive, fresh image. Just take a look, for example, at Canvas trade standsto see how modern sales psychology works here.

Modern marketing is all about a consistent, attractive image and a more natural, partnered way of communicating with customers. Try incorporating these solutions into your strategy - no matter what industry you're in - and you'll see results.

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