21 July 2024



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Competition does not sleep. Today, the vast majority of entrepreneurs promote their business on the Internet. Wondering how to gain an advantage, make a quantum leap and get ahead of the competition? The power is in the content. We are about to prove to you that content is really the King.

The power is in the content

Nowadays users use the Internet with confidence - they navigate the web efficiently, analyse offers in depth and compare them with competitors. If you want to win the customer and efficiently lead him through the whole purchase process, reach for content marketing.

The role of content is important already during the first meeting of a customer with your brand. It does not matter whether it is a link in a search engine, a sponsored ad in a search engine, a banner on a page (display ad), the brand's profile in social media or an article published on an external portal - content is important. Coherent composition - a combination of valuable content, attention-grabbing slogan and the appropriate use of graphics or multimedia.

It is skillfully composed content that determines whether the user will want to pay more attention to your brand and interact with it.

It is important to accompany the customer at each stage of making a purchase decision. At specific stages users are looking for specific content. At the beginning you have to catch the user's attention - ppc advertising, search engine marketing - SEO, tutorial articles or video tutorials work perfectly here. The next stage is the stage of comparison with the competition's products - all kinds of case studies, comparative articles and lists or rankings work well here. At the stage of closing sales, remarketing, mailing, video product tests, product reviews will be useful.

There must be order!

Ordnug muss sein - as our neighbours say and they are absolutely right. Materials published on your website and in external media should be coherent - so that the user unambiguously associates them with your brand. Materials should be coherent in terms of graphics and text (the same tone of publication) - this applies both to own media - website, blog, social media channels, as well as earn media - publications in external media or paid media - paid channels of reaching the user.

Know your user

An important and quite difficult stage is to specify who your potential customer is. Contrary to appearances, the broader the group, the less effective the communication. If your target is a wide group of recipients, try to divide it into narrower segments. This will allow you to choose the right form and channel of communication. You will try to reach a wealthy 30-year-old in a different way, while a prosperous businessman in his 50s will react to different stimuli.

The role of agencies in content marketing

As you can see, content marketing is a complex process that creates many opportunities for accurate targeting and precise content reaching potential customers at the right time. The agency's role is not limited to creating quality articles and publishing them in the media. A content marketing agency will help you to define the target group, the channel and the goal, help to make the communication more coherent and unified, carry out the campaign, monitor the effects and optimise the activities in order to use the budget effectively. By using the services of an agency you save time and money, and you gain confidence that you will reach a specific audience with your message.

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