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Content marketing, like other elements, is constantly evolving and subject to constant modification. It is primarily a reaction to changes occurring in the market. Check out what forecasts experts in the industry have on its evolution for 2016. Will storytelling in the formula known so far live to see its end? What influence will Ad Block have on the work of content marketers?

1. trend one: AdBlock will increase the budget for content marketing The first predictions concern the coexistence of content marketing and AdBlock. Michael Brenner, who is NewsCreed's chief strategist, predicts that thanks to (or perhaps because of?) AdBlock, advertising budgets for content marketing will increase significantly. Why? It's due to the ever-increasing number of users using the plugin to block ads. Within the last year, their number increased by over 40%. It is worth mentioning that the number of AdBlock users is about 198 million - and these are active users. Poland is on the second place in terms of the number of Internet users who block ads in the browser. This will force us to focus on more robust content marketing efforts.

2. trend two: 2016 will see mergers and acquisitions in content marketing Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Markieting Institute and also author of the book "Content Inc." predicts that 2016 will be a year of increasing interest from companies in buying new sites, especially blogs and niche themed portals. Creating one's own website is time-consuming, and since this process can be shortened by purchasing a ready-made one - this solution will be eagerly used.

3. video will become the basic form of communication Jay Baer - president of Convinience&Convert points to video as the basic form of communication for all brands without exception. This trend will not bypass even the B2B industry. The reason is simple: audiences are hungry for video messages, even if they are blurry, recorded in real time. This is shown by the growing popularity of Facebook Live, Twitter videos, Instagram and YouTube, among others. First of all, Internet users simply love video messages, and secondly, video is the best way to make content marketing more effective. Video contains everything: sound, image and text (obtained through transcription). Jay Baer predicts that video will be the foundation of content marketing this year.

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing, argues that the content creation process will become more collaborative. Brands will want to create content with industry leaders and experts, as well as with customers and brand-focused groups. This collaboration will involve focusing on the mutual value of content.

5 Resistance to content marketing? Marcus Sheridan predicts that the vast majority of companies may assume that nothing more can be said or written. This action will result in falling behind competitors almost immediately. The only companies that will stand a chance of becoming a leader in their industry are those that don't give in to such thinking and fight for publicity.

6 Measuring ROI will be more important than the rest of the treatments Carlos Hidalgo assumes that the main goal of marketers will become broadening their skills to more accurately measure the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts. Currently, only about 30% of those working in the B2B industry are able to accurately measure the spend of their efforts.

7 The Emergence of a New Employee Genre Ian Cleary speculates that increasing the skills of content marketers will become paramount. They will learn how to design and optimize processes in the sales funnel. While there are currently a wide range of professionals in the market who can leverage website traffic for better conversions, content marketers should be very familiar with ways to get better quality traffic. So there will be a growing demand for a hybrid of a content marketer and a sales funnel conversion rate optimization specialist.

8 The end of storytelling in the familiar, classic form Jason Miller assumes that storytelling in the familiar form: introduction, development and conclusion will cease to exist. Its place will be taken by short anecdotes - a way to attract the attention of more users. The problem is the gradually decreasing ability to focus attention - so you have to meet the user. An anecdote is a short and pleasant to read fragment of reality, which is much easier to remember than a long and complicated content.

9. Knowing the person - time to go! Ardath Albee believes that this year will see the end of the methods used so far, and content marketers will aim to get to know their customers better. This will allow them to create a much more precise and documented content marketing strategy.

Luke Kintigh notes that the growing convergence of media, data and content will force companies to reform their methods and the roles of specialists in marketing teams. As a result, people responsible for PPC analytics or creative projects will be forced to cooperate, which will translate into a broader knowledge of the user. So a new kind of content marketer will be created: he will be able to create content, distribute it, and also measure the effectiveness of his actions.

11. ad blocking is a plus for the industry Kintigh also notes that thanks to the widespread blocking of ads by users, companies face a challenge. This is because they will be forced to work on a better UX that will have to work on all sides: publishers, advertisers and audiences. With ad blocking, companies will have to try to create ads that are valuable and don't make you want to block them.

12 Content Marketing World or Content Marketing Cosmos? Ann Handley says that Joe Pulizzi finds the name "Content Marketing World" insufficient to describe the power of the industry, so he is renaming his even flagship event "Content Marketing Cosmos".

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