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Content marketing, what is it, what does it consist of?


Content marketing is a marketing strategy that continues to grow in popularity. Just looking for an audience is no longer enough today, you need to influence them to build a lasting relationship. This is where various forms of content marketing come in handy. What is worth knowing about content marketing and what does it consist of?

What is content marketing?

There are various definitions of content marketing. Content marketing is an effective form of promotion, which is to attract the attention of the recipient (bizzit.eu), but also to engage him to act. As part of this creates attractive and valuable content, which is to provide relevant, practical information to the recipient. Content marketing is to be as useful as possible for the Internet user.

What does content marketing consist of?

Content marketing takes various forms. It can be adjusted to the needs, published information, group of recipients etc. The popular forms of content marketing are tutorials, expert articles, sponsored articles, company magazines, blogs, interviews, webinars, podcasts, videocasts, e-books, product descriptions etc.

Content marketing vs. SEO

Content marketing is extremely important for SEO, which is why it is getting more and more attention. Publishing reliable and unique content is valuable not only for the audience, but also for search engines. Sharing links to articles increases popularity and visibility of a website, makes more people learn about a product, service etc. Written forms of content marketing can be used for website positioning, but also any graphics, animations or videos. In the context of content marketing, most attention is paid to the concept of SEO copywriting. What is worth knowing about it?

SEO copywriting - what should be taken care of?

SEO copywriting is, in a sense, a combination of content marketing with positioning. The created content should not only engage the audience, be useful, unique and valuable, their task is also to influence the better position of the website in the search engine. This can be done by placing keywords in the text in a natural way, of course you can not overdo it. This is not the only thing to keep in mind when dealing with SEO copywriting.

The articles should be of high quality. At the same time you can not forget that they are useful and substantive, they have to provide practical information to the audience, everyone has to understand them. Duplication of content is prohibited, the text can not be plagiarized in any way. This can negatively affect the position of the site in the search engine. The way the article is published is also very important. The title and subtitles should contain key phrases relevant to the topic. Remember about the hierarchy of headings and highlighting the most important information, e.g. by bolding. The article should be readable, attractive not only in terms of content, but also visually. Such polished publications are more likely to be shared, which will bring traffic to the website, so important in the case of positioning.

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