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Public Relations (PR) is one of the most important elements in the functioning of any company. By focusing on the company's relationship with its environment, PR allows companies to create a solid and trusted brand, build a positive corporate image, and achieve their business goals. Importantly, corporate PR does not only involve contact with customers or the media, but also with all employees of a given company - this is the primary factor that distinguishes PR from marketing. Let's explore the most important issues related to public relations.

Internal company PR

Motivation and satisfaction of employees, a friendly atmosphere at work, integration - all of these directly translate into company success. There is no doubt that a harmonious and appreciated team will perform its duties more efficiently. Satisfied and engaged employees are one of the most important elements affecting the company's positive perception by customers.

For this reason, it is worth taking care of internal PR in the company. Its role is primarily to motivate and integrate employees, to make them feel an inseparable part of the company. How to communicate efficiently in the company?

  • Written and visual techniques - among the tools of this group, we can distinguish notice boards (e.g. with the current results of the company), brochures, leaflets or posters (e.g. promoting desired attitudes in the company), company newspapers (informing about the life of the company), mailing, intranet.

  • Face-to-face meetings - "open doors" (individual, regular meetings of the management with employees), integration meetings or trips (they make it possible to establish casual, collegial relations between employees), conferences and team meetings.

External company PR

This form of communication focuses on activities directed outside of companies - contact with customers (and potential customers). Efficient, external public relations allows you to build trust and interest, thereby increasing the company's customer base. PR offers many different tools to build a positive corporate image. It is best to use several of them simultaneously in order to reach the largest possible audience and produce the desired effect.

  • Advertising - there is no doubt thatadvertising is a lever of trade. Apart from television and newspapers, it is worth paying attention to the constantly growing social media - practically each of the biggest companies in the world has been investing in advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram for many years.

  • Organizing events - going out to customers allows them to get to know the company better. This method includes sponsoring events and public events, but also charity work, allowing to build public confidence in the company.

  • Visual identification - means a set of symbols, slogans and behaviours that distinguish a brand from competitors. A coherent visual system allows not only to build a positive image, but also to fix the company in the customer's memory.

The discussed aspects are only a small part of solutions offered by public relations. Corporate PR in cities such as Warsaw is a difficult and vast area of activity which requires professional knowledge and experience. For this reason it is worth entrusting it to trusted specialists - an example of a company that for many years has been executing PR strategies for clients from many industries is Consulting'n More.

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