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Online sales have been popular for a long time, but the pandemic period and the associated restrictions have significantly increased the turnover of online stores. Their potential makes many sellers want to move their business online. How long does it take to set up an online shop?

How long does it take to set up a classic online shop?

Setting up an online shop is a tedious process. Contrary to appearances, it does not require only a few clicks of a mouse, but logical and not accidental actions. The first step is to carefully plan the appearance of the shop and to organise the assortment in it, so that browsing it is as simple and extremely intuitive as possible for customers. The next step may be to establish cooperation with an interactive agency, but it is not necessary. During the process of creating an online store, it is necessary to prepare a logo, texts and photos. Here, too, you can use the help of specialists. Then, it is necessary to implement the store. It is required to purchase access to: domain, hosting, FTP and database. Additionally, it is necessary to integrate with the shop: shipping, payment gateways and mailing platform. The remaining, final stages include the implementation of the store and testing its functionalities. As you can see, setting up a shop requires a lot of work. In the case of a basic business, it is about 5-10 days when the work goes smoothly because you have the appropriate knowledge. In the case of complex shops, this time extends to 10-30 days, and when we talk about premium and dedicated platforms, it is usually over 30 days. Apart from setting up a store, it is also necessary to reach customers through advertising, optimization and positioning of the website. The time to build a customer base varies depending on the actions taken and the knowledge of the persons conducting the activities.

What are other methods for setting up an online store?

However, starting online sales activity does not have to be so long because it is possible to quickly start an online store on Sprzedajemy.pl. This classifieds service makes it possible to set up a company account and conduct classic sales as part of the website operation. It is worth emphasising that starting a shop this way takes only a few minutes which are needed to set up an account and add first advertisements. Sales can start on the same day. A big advantage of selling on the Sprzedajemy.pl platform is that there is no need to build a customer base and optimise the shop. The website boasts 10 million visitors a month and over 70 million page views, as well as a large, engaged community on social media, where the company can promote its products. Increasing sales is also possible through paid promotion on Sprzedajemy.pl.

Setting up an online shop - by yourself or with the help of an agency?

Many online sellers decide to hire an e-commerce agency whose employees provide services related to setting up and implementing online stores as well as their further development and optimisation. In the case of establishing a classic business described in the first paragraph, this type of action may be necessary. Thanks to the specialists, the risk of delays in the creation and implementation of the shop and running an ineffective business through incorrect functioning of the website is eliminated. However, these are additional costs for the entrepreneur. When selling through a company account on Sprzedajemy.pl, hiring professionals is not necessary. It is quite easy to set up and promote your own shop. Additionally, running a business on your own generates much lower costs.

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