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Trade is slowly moving to the Internet, so online shops are becoming more and more popular. Entrepreneurs are well aware of the fact that if you are not on the Internet, you simply do not exist for a larger audience and customers, so setting up online shops is becoming more and more popular every year. But how much does it all cost?

Price of an online store - subscription variant

You do not have to invest considerable amounts of money right away, especially at the start of your business. It is worth considering setting up a shop using one of the Internet platforms that offer ready-made online shop software for a subscription, which, although it is not perfectly tailored, has many advantages and is very easy to navigate and very intuitive for customers. The only thing you need to remember is to pay a monthly subscription fee. Amounts here are not too high, because they range from about 100-300 PLN - to this amount you must add the cost of maintaining the domain, which ranges from 50-100 PLN per year. The main advantage of such a solution is a ready-made professional online store practically on the spot.

Dedicated e-shop

This option is definitely more expensive than the previous one because it assumes ordering the creation of the shop and "tailoring" its entire software. Although it gives a guarantee that everything that will be in the shop will meet our requirements and expectations, you have to pay a price for high quality. Writing software for such a store can range from 5000 zł to even 20000 zł, depending on what exactly the client wants and how much time the webmaster will have to devote to achieve the final result satisfactory to the customer. To this amount there are also fixed costs. You should also remember that all maintenance services or software updates are usually paid additionally, while in the above version they are usually included in the subscription.

Which shop software to choose?

Of course, everything depends on the investor, his preferences, the thickness of his wallet and his expectations. However, it is worth taking into account a simple rule. When you start your business, it's better to use a ready-made solution for a subscription - and when you already have the appropriate experience then you will have the right insight to know whether you need dedicated software.

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