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How to increase traffic to your site and what kind of content does Google like? Check out FunkyMedia's opinions on the subject!


There is a lot of talk about the fact that the Google search engine promotes those websites that are adjusted to mobile devices (i.e. recent algorithm amendments called Mobile-First Index), but also those with proper content. What is it?

Simply put, content is the content of our website - says Ula Rakowska from e-marketing agency FunkyMedia. It includes attractive texts on the blog, category or product descriptions, all kinds of additional materials such as photos or video elements. Contetnt is currently one of the main factors influencing the position of a website in search results.- he adds.

Why is it worth investing in content marketing? Suggests FunkyMedia

Content marketing is first of all about creating attractive content, which will be useful for the user. But not only! It is also publication and proper distribution of these materials on the web. Their main purpose is to build a long-term relationship with the reader or potential customer, but also to engage him/her to buy or stay on the website.

If we do not have engaging content on our website - we will most likely lose users. Why?

For several reasons. First of all we will be less visible in search results. Secondly - it is worth imagining a customer making a purchase in our on-line shop. His purchase path is different than the consumer in the stationary shop. - – Ula from FunkyMedia expresses her opinion. First of all, if we run an e-shop, we should focus on product descriptions. They should be extended, talk directly about the product, but also about the way of delivery or return conditions. If a customer comes across a website where he/she cannot find a description of what he/she wants to buy, he/she will most probably start looking for information somewhere else. And this also means that the customer will probably not make a purchase on our website. - he adds.

As you can see, content marketing can have a big impact not only on our visibility in Google, but also on sales results. What forms of these activities are worth betting on then?

What is worth betting on as part of content marketing?

Customers are almost bombarded with many contents from every side. Hence the necessity of reaching them by other means. That's why content marketing tries to engage recipients with various content and materials. - says Ula Rakowska from FunkyMedia.

What are the most popular forms of content marketing?

  • Articles - both on-site (i.e. published on our website) and off-site (i.e. those which we place with e.g. influencers or other portals)
  • Graphic materials such as infographics or videos - a great way to reach customers, talk about the product or present yourself
  • Guides and reports - more complex text-graphic materials which are supposed to inform about certain issues
  • Interviews - a great way to build a positive, expert brand image
  • Webinars - online trainings that are conducted live

As you can see, there are several ways to work with content marketing. It is worth remembering that its basic task is to provide the recipients with reliable but also attractive information connected with our brand.

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