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Setting up an online store is a piece of cake these days. You can easily find people who will set up a shop from scratch for little money, or use ready-made shops in SaaS solution. All you need is a good idea, right? Unfortunately, no. We live in times when most people are trying their hand at business, and a web store is the easiest way to test yourself. However, in addition to an idea you need a well thought-out strategy and a well-developed conversion funnel. Advertising is essential, because no shop - even the one with the best service - will sell if nobody knows about it. And here the question arises - how to advertise an online shop?

Positioning of the website

The basis is good positioning of the shop website. It makes the page displayed high in the organic results, which means free of charge. This is an excellent solution for all those who seriously think about their shop. Positioning of the store includes optimization of the site, building the page rating by implementing linkbuilding, or implementation of content marketing.

Social media and influencers

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the presence on the Internet without the presence in social media. You can fight for the audience's attention on your own, but you can also use people who are well-known and well-liked on the Internet to attract it. A social media agency / blogger relations agency can certainly help you get blogger and influencer collaborations. In social media, it is best to have organic and paid efforts. This, of course, takes time and a well thought out strategy, as well as knowledge of ad manager management.

Advertising campaigns

It is also worth taking care of paid advertising in GoogleAds. A well-prepared campaign can improve the store's sales results in a fairly short time. However, if it is not developed by professionals, it can also be a failure without any return on investment. GoogleAds reaches customers at the exact moment they are looking for information on a given topic. Your job is to offer them a solution that will encourage them to visit your store and make a purchase.

Affiliate programs

This is establishing ties with various blogs or specific individuals. In return for referring them to your store, they get a certain commission. For every purchase made on the recommendation of an influencer/publisher, we pay a certain amount of compensation for the generated sales.

Marketing automation

In Poland it is not yet as popular as it is worldwide. Marketing automation is a tool that tracks the behavior of your potential customers. It also enables personalization of advertising campaigns in many channels simultaneously. This is a task for a specialist, a layman will probably have a huge problem with it. It is better, therefore, to use the help of a marketing agency.

Marketing agency

If you want to promote an online shop, it is worth using the help of specialised agencies. You can cooperate with them online or in person. However, it is best to find an offer of a marketing agency on the Internet, read it carefully and only if you find it interesting - make an appointment for an interview. The possibility of having it live is not a necessary condition. It is also possible to make an appointment for a conversation via instant messaging with the possibility of transferring images. Warsaw marketing agency such as Keep Going Group serves companies from all over Poland. Forget about your marketing problems and put comprehensive advertising in the hands of specialists today! Work effectively, not hard!

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