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use of referral marketing

As customers, we look for reliable places, products and services, often following opinions on the Internet or suggestions of friends who can share their experiences. From the point of view of entrepreneurs, recommendations are the evidence that a company's offer is recognized, and at the same time they are a very effective form of acquiring new customers. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the potential of satisfied customers and implement recommendation marketing in your company.

When shopping or looking for a specialist, we check the offer, read the specification, and look at pictures, at the same time looking for opinions of other customers who, based on their own experience, can recommend the product or service. Many people are willing to share their observations - both positive and negative. It is worth taking advantage of this fact, asking them for a reliable assessment of services. This is particularly easy in the case of the e-commerce industry, where the main channel of communication between the company and the customer is the web, where you can easily express your opinion.

In a service company, the human factor is very important, and the opinions of existing customers are extremely important. Ultimately, the customer will be interested in who comes to him and how he performs the ordered service, such as cleaning the apartment. Being aware of this, it is possible to create a feedback module. For example, on Pozamiatane.pl everyone can rate the person who provided the service for them in four categories using a 5-star scale, and additionally write their own commentary. Experience shows that the vast majority of people use this option, being aware that it is an important message not only for other users, but also for the service provider. On the basis of opinions, he decides what should be changed or improved, and what works perfectly.

referral marketingCustomer feedback can go a step further and take the form of recommendations, and referral marketing is an important weapon for companies in the fight for new customers. We have a lot of trust in recommendations from friends and we are willing to be guided by them in our choices.

It is not enough to care about the quality of services, because not every satisfied customer will immediately tell their friends or family about our company. You need to encourage them to do so or simply ask them to do so. Many entrepreneurs are afraid of this, but if the client does not have such a wish, he does not have to use this possibility. Ultimately, he will decide whether to recommend our services to someone else.

Each of us is busy, we have a lot of things on our mind, so it is easy to forget the name of the platform or service, which once told us a friend. In turn, he will probably forget to send us the contact details, as he promised. With this in mind, it's worth thinking about simplifying things, such as creating a simple command module. In our case, it is simply a tab on the client's profile. When visiting the platform, you just need to enter the e-mail addresses of your friends, to whom you want to tell about Pozamiatane.pl, and they will receive to their mailboxes a set of information along with a discount code. In this way, the customer recommending us not only shows his friends the service, which is worth using, but also gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the discount. Information about such action should also be posted on popular social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to this, our customers can easily share them with a wide circle of friends and share their discount code.

As part of referral marketing, it is also worth thinking about some form of gratification for referring customers. This way we will express our gratitude for their gesture and they will feel appreciated. We can simply thank them by phone or email, but it is also worth considering a promotion for further services. If our client recommends us to others, it means that they are satisfied with our services and will most likely continue to use them. That is why as a thank you you you can also give him a reward in the form of a discount.

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