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Our society increasingly exhibits the characteristics of of consumerism, which, despite appearances, drives the global economy. The acquisition of material goods, even those that in practice are completely unnecessary to us, is considered a privilege of the upper classes. Although today's reality is hard to imagine without a significant impact from the sale of products online, shopping in stationary stores is still an important point in the schedule of many consumers' day.

Therefore, when running your own point of sale, it is extremely important to take special care of the visual and decorative aspect of the entire store. Although from an early age we are taught that "you can't judge a book by its cover", it is the appearance and exposure of goods that most determine its success among potential customers. So what factors contribute to effective visual merchandising and how does it affect sales profit levels?

Clever product placement

One of the main tasks of visual merchandising is to persuade potential customers to spend as much time as possible between shelves or hangers. It is worth to feel in the role of a consumer and adjust the type of assortment to the needs of the target group. The arrangement of the shop window should also catch the eye, interest the consumer enough to decide to enter our store. This tactic usually works well for outdoor storefronts, which are exposed first.

Sometimes less is more

Once upon a time, the bending shelves of a store were a symbol of glamour and business success. Older consumers still remember the days when basic products were scarce on the shelves. Nowadays, this strategy is outdated, and overstocking deters rather than encourages potential customers. Consumers are more interested in products with a limited number of items on the shelf than in more items.

Order and tidiness

Nothing has such a negative impact on sales results as chaos and disorder in the display. Customers unintentionally pay attention to how the products are arranged and systematized, instinctively withdrawing from stores that do not meet consumer expectations. Orderly and logical exposition of products acts as a stimulant for potential customers, thus increasing the chance of buying a particular product.

Sales support system

More and more companies are meeting the needs of smaller and larger businesses by offering professional sales support. These are aimed at optimizing sales processes tailored to a given industry and choosing a marketing strategy that results in increased sales revenue. Sales support services often include visual merchandising, the effectiveness of which is so essential to the success of

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