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Merchandising in a clothing store


Convenient location, a wide selection of products and their attractive price are not enough to attract customers to the clothing store in times of intense competition.

Among activities aimed at increasing sales, Visual Merchandising, or visual marketing, has recently gained popularity. By properly presenting an assortment in a carefully arranged interior, it is possible to strengthen brand image and increase the number of buyers. What principles of visual merchandising are used by clothing stores to increase sales?

First impression

Shop window is the first point of contact between a customer and a store, and within 3-5 seconds, it has a chance to encourage customers to enter. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a well-thought-out arrangement of the shop window, whose appearance should match the current collection, sales, seasons or holidays. According to the principles of visual merchandising, it is important that the external site changes frequently, signalling the new products waiting for the customer in the store.

Fashion inspiration

Mannequins are an integral part of visual merchandising in clothing stores. Tailor made, full-figured and showing only heads, legs or torsos mannequins are designed to present current fashion trends and inspire customers not necessarily familiar with them to create their own unique sets. By showing customers entirely ready-made solutions, it is easier to motivate them to buy products.

Play of light

An important point in creating visual merchandising in clothing stores is light, as close to natural as possible. With its help it is possible to expose the so-called hot spots - mannequins, advertising slogan or promotional products. Lighting also plays a key role in fitting rooms, where it should highlight the assets of the product, while covering up any deficiencies in the beauty of the buyer.

Time to think

When arranging fitting rooms, it is worth taking care not only of the right lighting, but also the number of them. It should be adequate to the intensity of traffic in the store, give the possibility of free browsing in the mirror and think about the purchase of selected products.

Additional incentives

Visual merchandising is not only about what we see in a clothing store. Smell is also important in designing a retail space - a fresh and pleasant aroma floating in the store makes shopping more pleasant. The same is true of music, appropriately selected for the character of the store and customers' lifestyles, which can determine the overall impression of the visit to the store and return to it in the future.

The essence of visual merchandising is to know your customers' needs in depth. This is done by tools to collect data on consumer behaviour and preferences. By analyzing the collected information, clothing stores can optimize displays, determine the effective points of sale and take other actions leading to increased conversion.

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