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Software and technology available on the market today make it possible to issue invoices online and to send them to contractors via e-mail. This method has been accepted by Polish law for many years, and an electronic invoice has the same legal force as a paper invoice.

Online invoicing is possible thanks to widely available software

Online invoicing - online invoices as a method of effective document delivery

E-invoices should meet 3 requirements: they must have authenticity of origin, legibility and integrity of content. Authenticity means certainty regarding the issuer of the invoice and the supplier of the service/product. By content integrity legislator means the inability to change the content of the invoice, both by the issuer and the recipient.

Online invoicing made possible by widely available software

Although even a document issued on paper, scanned and sent by e-mail is considered an electronic invoice, in most cases entrepreneurs use special software, widely available on the Internet, for invoicing. These programs have very powerful features that make online invo icing fast and, by automating procedures and fixed templates, minimize mistakes. An entrepreneur can choose a program that is typically used for invoicing, or a more powerful option. Online invoicing is usually part of online accounting programs. When you buy access, you can use not only the invoicing option, but also record income, expenses, maintain a warehouse, or payroll.

Invoicing on the web - online invoicing for efficient document delivery

Online invoicing has many advantages for the entrepreneur and his contractors. First of all, it eliminates the need to use the services of Poczta Polska (Polish Post), which is sometimes very slow, thus exposing entrepreneurs to the risk of losing financial liquidity - contractors can't pay an invoice they haven't received. Online invoices sent by email reach your contractors within minutes after they are sent, which in many cases significantly reduces the waiting time for payment and ensures that both parties to the transaction can recognize the revenue/cost in the tax books on time. Invoices issued online in accounting programs are also automatically posted and included in relevant registers, which greatly facilitates the work of the entrepreneur and the accounting department.

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