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A public relations agency is responsible for creating a positive image of a company and its proper communication with the environment. Small businesses and social organisations as well as large corporations and state institutions can benefit from expert support. Find out what exactly a good PR agency can offer its clients.

What do public relations specialists do?

The term "public relations" literally means "public relations". What exactly is covered by this term?

Public relations encompasses a series of planned activities aimed at long-term maintenance of good relations with the company's further and closer environment and at gaining as many partners and clients as possible. The steps taken by professionals are also aimed at building a positive brand image among customers. Due to different groups of these recipients, two types of PR activities can be distinguished.

Internal and external PR activities

The first type is internal PR, i.e. activities addressed to employees. Although it may seem that building relations with the surrounding environment is the most important for companies, without professional internal PR the company may lose a lot. Through honest and well-prepared communication, concerning e.g. information about changes in the structure or internal problems, the organization builds employees' loyalty and improves the atmosphere in the company. Lack of appropriate strategy and internal PR activities has a negative impact on the team, weakening trust towards the employer and the willingness to identify with the company.

That's why good PR agency focuses not only on external relations, but also on internal ones. It takes care of communication with employees at all levels, reaching them with information in many ways, including through corporate websites, newsletters, online connections or live meetings.

External PR is in turn a much broader concept. It includes communication between the company and its potential and existing customers, as well as with the broader public: media, local community, contractors, suppliers. It is thanks to external activities that the company can improve its market position, reach a wider audience and create a positive image.

Types of public relations activities

Public relations agencies deal with various PR activities. One of them is corporate PR, which includes activities designed to comprehensively build and improve the company's image in such a way as to be credible to the public. This strategy makes it possible to reach all key groups: employees, clients, business partners.

Product PR consists of activities aimed at promoting market novelties as well as enhancing the image of existing services or products. It covers a range of actions, including presentations, organisation of special events, creation of showrooms, cooperation with journalists, brand ambassadors and opinion leaders, and many other activities.

Crisis PR specialists develop scenarios for various crisis situations and carry out actions aimed at their prevention. In case of their occurrence, they manage them appropriately and carry out corrective actions. Thanks to their work, companies can emerge from difficult situations defensively, and also gain valuable experience and knowledge that will help avoid trouble in the future.

Public affairs, in turn, are the activities between the company and administrative units and institutions, such as local authorities, local communities and NGOs. They require appropriate knowledge and experience, so usually public affairs deal with specialized in this area PR agencies.

Public relations activities can become a powerful and effective tool allowing companies to increase visibility and build brand image. It is worth investing in professional PR to achieve specific business goals and gain a competitive advantage.

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