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Recycler audit - why is it necessary?


Companies that recycle and export packaging waste operate under intense pressure from legal arrangements. They are affected by both national and international regulations that are becoming more stringent every year. Therefore, it is important that these companies regularly undergo a recycler audit to check compliance with standards.

Regulations and standards checked by the recycler audit

The European Parliament and Council Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste calls on Member States to achieve a recycling rate of more than 50%. This is currently the most important piece of legislation and its compliance is checked by the recycler audit.

The directive obliges packaging producers to take appropriate steps to recover packaging waste generated by their own activities in accordance with the principles of "polluter pays" and "extended corporate responsibility". It is required by law that the waste is taken back by producers or made available free of charge for recovery by waste recycling organisations.

Companies that recycle packaging waste and export it can find more information about the recycler audit at https://www.bureauveritas.pl/home/about-us/our-business/certification/management-systems/environment/audyt_odzysku_sprzetu_elektronicznego_i_elektrycznego.

Why is it important?

Many years of research have been conducted in Europe and North America on the environmental impacts caused by the production and use of packaging. One of the key findings was that the transportation of consumer packaged products has become a significant environmental factor, especially when the items purchased come from distant countries.

In general, food-related packaging legislation is a complex and specialist issue. Waste recovery companies may require specialist assistance in the form of a recycler audit to operate under increasingly stringent legislation.

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