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Sales support programs or promotional campaigns that will attract participants are quite a challenge. How to make them conquer the hearts of those to whom they are addressed?

Offer prizes available on the spot. Unattractive prizes are the main sin of loyalty and sales support programs. They need to be flexible and, above all, varied in order to appeal to people's tastes. Participants are more and more demanding and aware, often bored with the number of conducted actions, they expect immediate gratification. Prepaid rewards cards are ideal for these conditions, because they provide positive emotions, and above all, they meet the condition of immediate gratification. Reward cards are not just cards, they are a modern catalogue of prizes used in loyalty marketing. The cards bind to the brand and activate participants of loyalty and sales support programs. They meet the needs and tastes of customers, sales representatives and business partners and are available at any time during the program.

What does a modern catalogue of rewards mean?

Edenred's prepaid rewards cards can be flexibly adjusted to meet the objectives of any sales promotion programme. Customers can personalise them according to their individual tastes and needs. As a rule, prepaid cards are accepted worldwide and on the Internet, but upon request, Edenred will prepare rewards cards with acceptance for one or several selected industries, such as travel agencies, home appliance/retail stores, perfumeries, or only for the customer's or his/her business partner's points of sale. These are just some examples of Edenred card personalization. Cards with a selected acceptance range are the most similar to material rewards or popular travel vouchers. What's more, they replace them perfectly, because the recipient selects the reward that will make their dreams come true at a time and place convenient for them. The long expiry date of the cards means that they are issued once for the entire duration of the loyalty or sales support programme, and then they can be reloaded several times for different amounts and with different frequency. Free variation in the value of rewards is perfect for long-term campaigns. The participant who has received the card keeps track of the balance and transaction history in the mobile application and on the website. Thanks to that he/she knows what he/she has reached and what he/she has been rewarded for.

Speed and simplicity

A loyalty and incentive program based on rewards in the form of prepaid cards is cost and time effective. It requires no accumulation of rewards and no expense to store them.

The cards are always available, they never run out, and the loyalty and sales support program organizer manages the rewards catalog quickly and easily on their own.

Year end and marketing budget still unused?

Use your marketing budget effectively for direct sales support. Find out how quickly it will pay off. Don't spend money on expensive advertising activities. Better carry out a sales promotion programme and use Edenred's prepaid bonus cards. This will motivate your sales force to increase their turnover. As a result, your sales will increase and your budget will be effectively implemented.

Loyalty appreciated worldwide

The Edenred Group created the Global Rewards® brand, which has made it the world leader in loyalty marketing. More than 50 years of experience and know-how set us apart. We offer a new quality in creating a modern rewards catalogue on the Polish market. Our customers highly value our individual approach, quality of service and flexibility in action. Every detail related to customer service, card users and participants of loyalty and sales support programmes, counts for us.

Find out more: http://lojalnosc.edenred.pl/karty-premiowe/?utm_source=marketingbusiness&utm_medium=artykul&utm_term=karty-premiowe&utm_campaign=KartyPremiowe16

Author of the text: Mariusz Cichy, Sales Director in the Loyalty Programs category at Edenred Polska

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