22 April 2024



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Translation agency is a very popular form of business because there is a great demand for professional translations. Such activity is not the simplest one. As in any business, there are many difficulties related to marketing, management or acquiring new clients. However, translation agency owners often do not realise that they can facilitate their work in many different ways. We live in the era of automation, when we have access to a wide range of tools that allow us to fully optimize our operations.

At first glance, it seems that automation in a translation agency is not necessary. Translation requires thinking and flexibility - someone may say that a computer cannot replace human work. There is a lot of truth in this - translations will always be done by employees, but every agency can use a number of tools that will make managing such a business much easier. It is worth taking a closer look at such tools, as they are a fantastic investment for anyone involved in translation.


Easier Client Acquisition

The same as any other company, a translation agency also needs to work on acquiring new clients - only then will its business make sense. However, this is not easy, especially considering the huge competition that prevails in this market. There are, of course, a number of channels through which new orders can be obtained. Many offices have their regular clients, from whom regular orders come. Such clients are also beneficial because they often recommend the offer to their friends. However, you can't rely only on them in your business. It is very important to advertise on advertising portals, where many orders appear. However, there are many portals, which makes being active on all of them too time-consuming. The right automation tool solves this problem. It allows you to automatically respond to all such announcements and make initial contact with the customer. Thanks to it, new orders start flowing to the office on their own, without prior participation of its employees.

automation in a translation agency

Project management

Even a small office can receive several hundreds of orders at one time. This is beneficial in terms of profit, but managing such a large number of orders can be a very difficult task. First of all, you have to assign translators to specific jobs, constantly monitor their status and take care of many other things to keep everything under control. A translation project automation tool is therefore invaluable here. Users can use a special dashboard that gives them easy access to all ongoing jobs. It allows users to control which translators are assigned to a particular project. This facilitates not only the management of ongoing translations, but also subsequent settlement with contractors - especially if the agency has many translators or cooperates with freelancers.

It's worth taking advantage of!

You can list a whole bunch of advantages of implementing this type of solutions in your office. It perfectly shows that automation is something very valuable today and, above all, it is so common that it can be used in many different industries. Offers related to such technologies are becoming more and more popular in Poland, so nothing stands in the way of being able to use this method yourself. As with any other business, automation makes it much easier to manage the entire operations of the office. It is, of course, a certain investment, but at the same time you can save a lot of money and, above all, time thanks to it. Therefore, if only such an opportunity arises, it is not worth delaying - the implementation of automation in your company will certainly significantly improve the work of the entire office!


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