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For the past year, discerning web users have been enjoying the thriving Vivaldi browser, which was created by former Opera co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

Vivaldi - an innovative browser that defies stereotypes

For every marketer, the Internet is one of the most important tools to work with. While other browsers still put emphasis on reducing functionality, Vivaldi goes against the grain. In a simple and aesthetically pleasing interface it provides many innovative and useful tools as well as the ability to adapt to individual work style and needs. This approach can revolutionize everyday work on the Internet, making it much smoother, more efficient, faster and more enjoyable.

1.Tab settings can be set in any convenient way, e.g. you can assign names to any group of tabs. Renaming a group of cards is very easy - just right-click on the group and choose "Rename group of cards". The selected name will be applied to the card group. This is especially useful while browsing pages with similar content, e.g. media monitoring, technology media, social media, photo/graphic stock etc. You can have 2 or more tabs open at the same time on one screen - for example, you can read an industry article or search for stock photos, and at the same time in the same tab you have your Facebook profile open
and moderating a discussion on a company profile. 2.

The tabbar gives you the possibility of any personalization of settings (location). Both traditionally at the top, as well as on the left or right side of the screen or at its bottom. As it is more comfortable for the user.

3. User Themes is a possibility to customize the appearance of and change the color of the browser interface while browsing particular pages. The user can either use ready-made suggestions or create his own individual colour theme. There are millions of personalization possibilities! And this is just the beginning of exploring the browser. Vivaldi also has an adaptive interface, i.e. it adjusts its color to the pages that are viewed. It can also customize the color scheme of the interface to match the pages being viewed, making them easy to recognize (identify) among the pages being viewed by the user

Magnification of pages for each tab separately is a very useful feature for comfortable browsing. The zoom ranges are 20-500% of the original page size. It is very useful if you want to check if e.g. pictures on the website are displayed correctly (they do not have pixelosis when hanging) or if the website is displayed correctly on different size monitors. Using the slider is very simple - just set the exact value at the bottom of the tab or click it with your mouse.

Panels in Vivaldi Browser allow you to easily access and manage your bookmarks. The extremely handy notes panel lets you jot down and collect important information from pages - complete with automatically saved links to where the text came from, as well as automatically added screenshots. Web panels can include a preview of your most used pages,

Screenshots have become an important tool to facilitate everyday work and communication. So now in Vivaldi you can easily capture what you see on your screen - directly from the browser window. The new feature that comes in the latest version 1.7 also allows you to save and share screenshots of entire pages - including even what is outside the currently visible area. You can also capture a selected portion of the screen, including the browser interface itself. One way to take a screenshot in Vivaldi is to use the camera icon in the status bar.

7.Sessions allow you to instantly remember all open tabs, e.g. from one project and switch to another set of tabs from another project. You can also have several windows open at the same time and in each (remember and open) tabs from a different project.

These are only selected functions of the Vivaldi browser, whose last stable version was released on the 8th of February this year. Among many features every marketer will find those which will not only make their daily work more pleasant but also more effective and faster.


Vivaldi is one of the most creative browsers in the world. It is distinguished not only by its approach to the user, who is always in the centre of its creators' attention, but also by the proposed functionalities. Vivaldi was the first to show on such a scale the possibility of personalisation of a web browser tool. It was the first and only browser in the world to integrate with Philips Hue coloured lighting. Each subsequent release brings new interesting features for everyday work and play. Pleasantly surprising users all over the world. To work faster, more efficiently and in accordance with your favorite work style in Vivaldi you can call the same actions in different ways thanks to a rich and configurable set of keyboard shortcuts. If you like working with the mouse you will like the mouse gesture control (also configurable), there are also quick commands available under the F2 key to find a tab, bookmark or web address.

Community is the basis

Vivaldi is not only about English language social channels: blog, forum, profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook. Vivaldi, if needed, creates local community channels, targeted and created by users in particular countries. Among others, in Poland. There is a Vivaldi Poland group on Facebook, a profile on Twitter and a Polish forum on Vivaldi.net. The Polish community was also the initiator of 2 functionalities presented in Vivaldi 1.4 and very well received worldwide. The first one is the possibility of setting a schedule of changing themes, which allows assigning preferred color scheme to a particular time of day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r2wSFfIPSE. The second is the ability to instantly restore a closed tab by clicking the trash can icon with the middle mouse button. Vivaldi is a company that relies on a very strong and natural way of interacting with its users according to the principle of its creator and team "A browser for our friends".

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