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Voice matters


And especially when it comes to radio advertising, which is still one of the most effective ways to reach a specific audience. Today we will answer the question how to attract listeners and encourage them to use a given service or purchase a product through radio, voice and many other additional factors.

An idea for an advertisement

The most important thing is your creativity when planning and creating a radio spot, which should have a few basic features to ensure its success. First and foremost, the story behind your message is important, where you need to look at your competitors' commercials and find good inspiration that also fits your industry, your methods of operation, or other issues related to your business - the name, the company's headquarters, or its mainstream.

Think about it, because there may be something important going on in your area or at the moment, even nationwide or internationally, that your audience may also know about. This is worth taking advantage of, as long as it connects seamlessly with your service or product. So consider the following tips:

  • The ad should surprise, interest, reflect and remain in the listener's memory.
  • The story should be based on dialogue and end with an interesting punch line.
  • Use current news from the country and the world.
  • The most important is the beginning of the commercial - you have to arouse the interest of the recipient within a maximum of 15 seconds.

Voice plays an important role

As you can probably see from your own example, it is the voice that definitely attracts the listener's attention. It should be recognizable or specific enough to encourage listening and keep the audience interested. An important element here is to match male, female or children's voices separately depending on the industry you are advertising in. During a radio spot, sound is one means by which we can reach potential customers, so it should be friendly and pleasant enough to listen to. This can be easily assessed and taken care of through a voice bank that has different actors with different tone, timbre of voice and different accent. All these qualities are very important when doing a radio commercial, for which it is good to have a specific concept to look for the perfect voice.

The voice bank price list should rather not scare you, as lending your voiceover voice is a cheaper option than hiring an actor to play in a TV commercial. It is still very convenient because you can listen to samples of their voices and then decide which one will best suit your vision for the radio spot.

What radio commercials can't be?

We also want to point out what is best to avoid when executing a radio spot. Many of the following simply negate the interest in the ad, and thus the offer itself. Listeners may be bored with it or may not understand it at all and erase it from their memory. That is why we recommend that you read the facts on what not to do when creating a radio commercial:

  • Do not use sophisticated and formal forms - take care of simple and colloquial language pleasant to the listener's ear.
  • Intellectual games - don't overdo them to avoid tiring the listener.
  • Providing a lot of information - familiarise the listener with the key information about your company or offer and they will find the rest on their own.
  • Using trite phrases - avoid statements such as "See for yourself!", "Check our offer" or "We invite you to visit us" and come up with something original to say the same thing in different words.

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