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Outdoor advertising has been our companion for many years now. Advertisers use it for many purposes, which can be broadly defined as advertising, branding and informational purposes. Outdoor advertising itself has a large spectrum of solutions, from which companies and their agencies choose those that will have the best effect. Increasingly one of the choices of letters created in three-dimensional (3d).

Illuminated letters 3d effectively focus the attention of potential customers by which this form of advertising is gaining popularity. The big advantage of this type of advertising letters is the implementation of such materials, which allow the use of letters throughout the year, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

3D letters can be produced in any, even very complex shape. For this reason, many orders for products of this technology are production of logos and other graphic forms responsible for the visual identification of the company.

Most often Plexiglass is used for production, thanks to which the material is light transmissive. Properly prepared material is then folded or glued. Light permeability allows this type of products to be used also after dark. Letters or logotypes of this type may shine in the front, or the so-called aura, shining at the back, or they may shine with their outline. Endless colour possibilities and interesting forms of backlighting make 3d letters the choice of many companies.

Letters can be large, as well as mounted outside, on roofs, facades, etc., so they can be visible even from a very long distance. For backlighting, long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs are most often used.

Due to the large variety of forms of outdoor advertising, its choice is not the simplest. A good advertising agency should provide advice not only on the choice of location, but also on how to advertise the company in the so-called outdoors and support the client from strategy and conception to the final stage, which is installation. Novelties are an everyday occurrence in this industry, so an advertising agency should be able to offer the latest technological innovations.

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