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SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is any paid means of promoting your services and products online. Just like any other marketing campaign, SEM must be conducted in a rational and planned manner. The Internet is teeming with unprofessional advertisements that beg for basic corrections at various levels. This is not only wasted money, but also time and motivation. How to prevent this? How to conduct an effective SEM campaign? Here are some tips that will definitely help you avoid any failures.


In the case of paid text campaigns, this is always the element from which you should start any action. The title can become the key to success, so you need to think about exactly what you care about. Are you promoting something modern, for young people? Don't be afraid to use a controversial text, maybe a poem, maybe a play on words? Encourage something that was not yet on the Internet, and certainly you will manage to reach the right people. But maybe you are advertising something else, like floor tiles? Bet on precision and reliability, which will be appreciated by potential customers from the construction industry.

The content of your ad also needs to be relevant to what you are promoting and who you are sending it to. In the case of small text ads (or short photo descriptions), you need to fit as much content into as little text as possible. Check out how your competitors are doing it - not necessarily in your industry, but in general. Make suggestions, learn from them, practice, and you'll surely get the hang of it. If you promote something with long sponsored articles (e.g. content marketing http://brand.ceo/pl-pl/content-marketing/ ), make sure they are reliable and properly edited. If you don't feel up to it - outsource it to freelance editors and copywriters who have experience in this field.


Graphics is an extremely important part of paid advertising campaigns, because it strongly affects the visual people. After all - who does not like a nice looking picture which is supposed to promote something? Visual effect is always important in advertising message, because it gives it form and shape. Sometimes it is impossible to put something into words, and you can express it through a drawing, a slide or a video. Remember this and do not neglect this element.

Pay special attention not to be cliché. Sometimes it's worth spending some money on unique, paid images than using free images that have been around for years. Do you know the Facebook profile "The graphic designer cried as he designed"? Beware of trash, because it can turn against you!


Many people will agree that this is the most important part of paid advertising. Think carefully about who your potential customer is, and then choose advertising platforms according to this key. If you are using google AdWords, then make your audience specific - similarly in sponsored content on social media. If content marketing is your choice, then think carefully about what portals your potential customer goes to? Where do they go, what do they read?

When targeting, you need to think carefully about what language and what message to use for different groups. Sometimes it's worth splitting the campaign into several target groups because not every Internet user will react in the same way to the same content. Sometimes two people are looking for the same thing, but they use different criteria - you have to satisfy both.


All of the above elements must work together. The best example is content marketing, which uses both the title and content, as well as images and targeting. The creation of the article should be entrusted to the right people who can make it a piece of information with a slight commercial overtone. The most important thing is that the advertising message is unobtrusive, yet quite clear - if you can do it yourself, that's great, but often people overestimate their abilities and anti-advertising is created.

Images also need to work with the text, and it's best if they call directly to the item or service being promoted. Content marketing allows you to mix text and images, so you need to pay special attention to how the two complement each other.

Targeting is also a very important factor that must correlate with text and image. Young people react differently, older people react differently. People from Silesia and Pomerania react differently. What is understandable for some, will be just an abstraction for others.

Remember about all these rules and your SEM campaign will surely be successful. Don't let the smallest mistake caused by lack of professionalism creep in - it's the biggest sin in Internet marketing, and sometimes one mistake can ruin the whole campaign. If you have any doubts about the actions you are taking, then contact us. We will certainly help you to put together an ideal promotional plan.

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