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Today, the presence of a company online is essential - thanks to it we can reach a wide range of potential customers online. However, just having a website is not enough. It is also worth taking care of its promotion. Internet marketing does not have to be associated with high costs - check what you should decide on in order to promote your company cheaply and effectively.

Advertising on the Internet has many advantages. They result primarily from the specificity of Internet marketing, which gives us wide possibilities in creating and conducting campaigns. We can then influence the recipient comprehensively - through content, videos, sounds, interactive solutions, which also translates into the effectiveness of online promotion. Moreover, a great advantage of internet advertising is the possibility of its immediate publication and reaching the internet users without time and geographical limitations.

Internet marketing consists of various promotional methods. They are most often divided into SEM - actions within search engines, display ads, i.e. visual ads, as well as e-mail ads. In addition, more and more often social media are used, which also allow for easy promotion of the company online.

Advertising in search engines

This is by far the most popular form of online advertising - it includes both overt advertising, i.e. sponsored links, such as Google AdWords, and covert advertising, i.e. website positioning. These advertisements are based on phrases typed into the search engine by internet users - the advertisement is shown when you type in specific words related to the content of the promoted website.

Both AdWords advertising and positioning are characterized by low prices - we can promote ourselves for a few hundred zloty per month.

Display advertising

Advertising banners are one of the inherent elements of the Internet - they are published on various sites and pages. They can also be contextual advertisements, which are based on page content or "cookies", which are saved on the Internet user's computer. Then the advertisement on the Internet will be more adjusted to his tastes and needs. Messages may also adjust to the recipient's location, allow for interaction.

Banners are most often emitted within advertising networks, for example Google. In the case of large Internet portals we can also order them directly.

Advertising through e-mail

Advertising with the use of e-mails sent to recipients is the oldest method of online promotion. Currently, the best results are obtained by advertising tailored to the recipient, so it is best to either independently create a list of subscribers, to which we will send newsletters, or we can opt for the help of a company that specializes in this form of promotion.

Advertising in social media

Finally, it is worth mentioning social media - currently the largest platform for presenting ads is Facebook. Here companies can create their own profiles and thanks to them it is easier to communicate with customers. Moreover, they can use Facebook Ads, which allow to present a message to people from a given target group, which increases their effectiveness.

Although we can advertise on the Internet independently, currently the best solution is to use services of professional e-marketing agencies. We can use professional help in this field in the agency onlinegroup.pl.

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