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Outdoor advertising is the best way to promote local businesses. Stationary shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants, hotels, and various service outlets should attract customers right off the street. Choosing the right medium for such advertising is not easy, especially considering the number and variety of banners already existing in urban space.

Inorder to stand out from the crowd of companies advertising on city streets, you have to make a lot of effort," says LogArt studio specialist. A simple signboard or banner is definitely not enough, especially in a situation where the premises have a really good location, i.e. close to the city centre. Paradoxically, it's in such places that it's easiest to get lost in the crowd of competitors' ads.

Neon - electrifying attraction

Street neon signs can boast a long and beautiful history. They had their golden period in 60s and 70s of the last century, and the most beautiful of them still delight the passers-by, walking along the streets of Warsaw and other large cities in Poland. The fact that few contemporary companies use this solution is surprising, but at the same time it creates great opportunities for those entrepreneurs who care about originality.

The most important feature of neon signs is that they shine in different colours. And this means that your advertisement will be visible also after dusk. This is very important, especially for catering and entertainment establishments that operate primarily in the evening and night.

A glowing neon sign inevitably catches the eye of everyone in its vicinity, intrigues and significantly increases the chances that a potential customer will cross your company's threshold.

How does neon work?

Neon signs are made of thin glass tubes, which can be formed into any shape - usually letters, but not only. The inside of the tube is filled with a mixture of gases in which electrical discharges occur during neon's operation. For this reaction to occur an external power source is necessary, most often a power supply or transformer.

As we have already mentioned, neon signs can shine in different colours. The color of the light emitted by the neon depends on the composition of the gas filling the tube, the type of phosphor (powder, covering the inside of the tube) and the type of glass, from which the neon is built. Currently, in addition to ordinary transparent glass, also colored glass is used. This solution causes that the neon keeps its color even after it is extinguished and attracts attention also during the day.

Modern neon signs are not only characterized by their original beauty, but also perfect durability. High quality glass and modern technologies used for creating neon signs guarantee excellent resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. So if you are looking for an ideal form of outdoor advertisement for your club, restaurant, beauty salon, motel or gas station - neon sign is a proposal just for you.

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