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A good website can be a source of really considerable income. In addition, maintaining such a service is actually mandatory for every entrepreneur who just wants to effectively attract new customers.

It is well known that today's customers are looking for services or goods via the Internet, so if we do not use this tool, we will lose many of them. However, for a website to bring the expected results, it must gain a high position in Google - the most popular search engine today. It is the most important tool for most Internet users to find selected content, so if our website will not be high enough in the search results given by it, we will never be able to count on satisfactory popularity in the network.

It is not a secret that we usually focus only on pages at the very top of the results - hardly anyone pays attention to pages from lower positions. To achieve success here, you need professional SEO. This is now a very popular service, which is dealt with by professionals with years of experience. Sometimes, however, it is enough to follow a few basic rules to manually strengthen the position of your site on the Internet. The greatest value of any website is its content, so it is really worth putting some effort into its preparation.

First of all, you need to think carefully about what you want to convey with such content - it should contain specific information, not just generalities. It is also important that such content is properly optimized for the keywords that we have to include in it. It is worth in advance to create a list of phrases and keywords that may affect our position in Google. These are simply phrases that users may type in the search engine when they want to find something that we have to offer.


Such words must be placed in the text in a natural way, not by force; Google knows perfectly well how to recognize texts that are written in an artificial way. What is more, writing texts only to "please" Google's algorithms may end up with a penalty from the search engine. It is therefore necessary to find a golden mean that will allow you on the one hand to adjust to the requirements of the search engine, and on the other to write freely, without imposing keywords. In order to make the website and its content really attractive for the recipient, it is worth using multimedia content as often as possible.

Many of us do not realize how much content can be conveyed by a simple picture with a caption attached to it. It is worth making an effort and not limiting oneself only to free pictures or standard pictures which can be found in the Internet. Preparing good graphics is obviously connected with additional costs, but such an investment is really worthwhile - thanks to it we will stay in the memory of our potential recipients for much longer. A very important tool for using such content are also social networking sites, where they can reach a much wider audience. However, it is important to place such materials on the website itself. Google has a special algorithm that measures how much multimedia content appears on the website. The right amount of them always results in a higher and stronger position in search results.

For many years one of the most important things influencing the position of a website in Google was the number of links leading to it, placed on other websites. SEO was therefore largely based on link exchanges, creating numerous smaller sites with links to the main one and many other ways of placing as many links as possible on the web. Nowadays, however, Google has changed the rules a bit, and such unnatural "pushing" of links in the internet does not bring good results anymore. Also in this matter nowadays the most important is naturalness and quality, not quantity.


Contrary to appearances links placed within one page, referring to its particular subpages are of considerable importance. If we want to place more links on external pages it is important that they are devoted to the same subject as the main page. Links cannot be pushed there by force - much more important is, for example, a link placed in one place in an article on an industry blog, treating of products or services we deal with. Also in this case a powerful tool are social networking sites, where there are plenty of opportunities to post links to your pages. This solution has one more advantage, that in this case the links can be made available voluntarily by the users of such sites, which further increases the range of our advertising.

A big mistake made when acquiring Internet users for your website is not adapting it to the requirements of modern technology - first of all closing it to the needs of smartphone users. It should be remembered that more and more people use the Internet mainly through these devices, and the site without appropriate modifications will not be adapted to them. So it is worth adding all the functionality and prepare a version of our site for smartphones, because without this we lose more and more users every day.

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