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Why is local SEO so important?


Does SEO always involve the same actions? It is not hard to guess that it is not so sure. A company operating in a very popular industry needs a different positioning, while one that offers solutions targeted only to a narrow audience needs a different one. However, it is also worth remembering about the importance of positioning range. Hairdressing salon from Police does not have to compete for customers with the largest salons in the capital. The importance of promoting local business is also evidenced by the fact that we use a separate term local positioning to describe it. So it's worth getting to know its assumptions.

Local positioning - a definition attempt

The term local positioning is used when talking about promoting a website in a search engine in order to achieve high positions of those phrases, which are associated with a specific location. Statistics show that almost every person with access to the Internet is looking for information about services available locally, so it is difficult to talk about small importance of this form of business promotion.

Google also knows that local business is thriving online. The creator of the most popular Internet search engine has for several years had a special mechanism that first checks the location of the inquirer, and then offers him the results associated with a specific area.

What are local services?

It's a great way to get the most out of your business, What possibilities does local positioning give us?It is important to ask yourself what kind of services can be involved at all. It is worth noting that the system developed by Google is very intuitive. It will work not only for phrases such as "hairdresser", "mechanic" and "restaurant", but also when you type in keywords that do not necessarily mean a specific place, such as "tires" or "nails".

How to use local positioning?

Local positioning does not differ from classic positioning in any particular way. However, its power can be strengthened by following a few simple rules. Thus in better promotion of local business helps, among others:

1. setting up a Google My Company account allowing you to create a page that has the character of a business card with data such as, for example, opening hours.

2) Presence on local portals with lists of companies (it is worth taking care of the compatibility of contact details).

3) Taking care that links from local sites such as regional general interest portals lead to our site.

4) Including the city name in the titles, headings and most importantly - in the content of the company website.

What will local positioning give us?

Local positioning has dozens of advantages among which the greatest seems to be the possibility of reaching a larger number of interested parties from the local area with our offer. This allows not only to increase traffic to the site, but also to convert casual visitors into customers who will be interested in regular use of services offered to them. This is very important, because in general, real customers are much more important for a company than even the most impressive number of impressions.

Local positioning is also a way to promote your business. Thanks to simple procedures you can easily create a belief in your customers that your company is highly specialized, professional and serious. It should not be forgotten that such positioning is still not very popular, so by taking an interest in it, you can quickly and with only small costs overtake the competition.

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