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Constantly striving for higher positions in search results is the daily routine of SEOs all over the world. Many private website owners start SEO campaigns on their own, trying to get higher positions in Google search results and thus attract Internet users to their websites. How to do it? The answer to this question is not simple, and SEO is one of the most difficult, non-standardized activities that is in increasing demand.

However, let's focus on how to earn high positions for your homepage. The basis is obviously a solid optimization of the portal and taking care of on-site and off-site factors. In addition, links are also important. Not much has changed in this matter - in positioning the biggest role still plays links, which we gain on external websites and which direct to target portal.

So what has changed? Mountain View giant's approach to quality of links. Today it's not quantity, but quality that counts. 100 links from questionable source will hurt rather than help. Sometimes 1 link from a reputable portal can help a website rank. The problem is that getting such a link often borders on the miraculous or exceeds the positioner's budget. What then?

There is only one answer - building your own SEO background.

SEO back office is a great way to have space for links

If you can't get valuable links from existing places - it's time to create such sources yourself and start linking. It is important to be guided by quality. SEO resource should be optimized, have valuable content useful for internet users, have its own profile in social media and be solidly linked. If you build a website that does not resemble a website built only for links - then you can easily publish links to the positioned websites. But that's not the end - on such a backend you can run an AdSense campaign or include the site in an affiliate program. Other positioners will also be happy to publish their articles on such a website - of course paying appropriately for it.

Read more on the blog: http://www.the-first.sklep.pl/blog/zaplecza-seo/zaplecze-seo-pozycjonerskie-co-to-jest-i-jak-dziala - welcome.

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