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Is SEO just about optimizing a website?


Conducting promotion on the Internet is often based on solutions offered by SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO, or in English search engine optimization, is another word for search engine optimization, however there are also other activities under this name.

SEO aims at placing the promoted website on the highest possible position in search results for specific phrases in search engines, most often Google. Then, when the website address is on a high position, it will be more visible and thus many new people will visit the website.

SEO in Polish nomenclature is generally divided into two zones, namely the already mentioned optimization, which is an on-page activity, i.e. one carried out on a given page, and positioning, which in turn is an off-page activity, i.e. one carried out off the page.

Optimization, which is usually preceded by an audit of the website, consists in introducing appropriate changes in its content, code and structure, so that the website is better "read" by search engine robots, as well as being more legible and functional. These actions include the selection of appropriate page titles, headings, proper placement of keywords, improving page load time, solving the problem of duplicate content.

Positioning, on the other hand, is a constant process of acquiring links from external services, because they affect the position of the page in search results - this activity is referred to as link building, or linking. There are also activities in the field of word of mouth marketing (WoMM) or content marketing (CM), which concerns gaining customers by publishing useful and attractive content.

The above services can be used in practically every interactive agency. They are also offered by Fabryka Marketingu, which has wide experience in this field. Moreover, Marketing Factory offers other kinds of e-marketing services, including SEM campaigns, social media marketing, remarketing.

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