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Many people who decide to start their own online shop hear that first of all they have to take care of positioning. This is indeed an essential process, without which there can be no business on the Internet. But what is included in this concept? What does it consist of? We answer these questions in our article.

Why do we need positioning?

Positioning is the basic mechanism generating sales. No online store can do without it. It determines the popularity of the site among customers. To position an online shop effectively many factors need to be taken into account. It is not a matter of taking a few necessary actions, but developing a comprehensive strategy. Changing every day search algorithms cause significant changes in the Google ranking. Those who do not act on an ongoing basis may quickly lose their previously high position. So what does positioning an online store consist of? There are three key elements of this process.

First of all - optimisation

The first step to a well positioned website is optimisation. It should be understood as an effective and reasonable construction of the online store. Developers of particular websites receive numerous recommendations from Google. Their correct implementation influences the accessibility and rating of a given website. Without such a base it is impossible to create a business on the Internet. In fact, improperly conducted optimization may destroy even the best work undertaken in other spaces.

Secondly, the content

Positioning of an online shop It requires participation of not only specialists in website creation, computer scientists and graphic designers. Copywriters also play a significant role in this process. They are responsible for the content, placed on the site. Individual texts must not only contain relevant keywords, but at the same time encourage the customer to buy. It is also important to place unique and valuable content on the website on a regular basis. Google appreciates entities active on the Internet.

Thirdly, linking

Positioning of an online store also requires proper linking. This element is, in a way, the "dot over the i" of the whole process. Not so long ago there was a reliance on any linking, which was very chaotic and haphazard. Today effective positioning of an online shop depends on high quality linking, i.e. placing unique articles on websites similar in subject and presenting a good position.

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