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What is positioning and how to effectively position a website?


If you're going to make a name for yourself online - whether you're creating your own brand or working for someone - it's essential to take an interest in SEO. We tell you what it is and how to implement it so that your website will be at the top of the organic search results.

What is positioning?

Search Engine Optimization is a series of actions aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in the Internet. Simply put, positioning is effective when a user, typing a query into a search engine, will see your website in response - and not as a paid advertisement, but in an organic form, located just below the sponsored links. In addition, positioning is combined with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which in turn aims to optimize websites for search engines. This is because an acquired position is not given to you forever and you need to implement a number of processes, which will result in keeping your website on the same position or raising it in the rankings.

How to effectively position and what to pay attention to during positioning?

If you care about effective positioning of your website in search engines, you should follow the advice below.

  • Despite appearances, website architecture is very important because it allows to place internal links on subpages, thanks to which users and search engine robots quickly find their way to the target site.
  • Friendly URLs can help both you and your users. Not only do they look nice, but they also allow you to smuggle in keywords for which you want to position yourself, and thus make it easier for your website to be found online.
  • Skilful internal linking should be done thoughtfully. Only then does it have a chance of helping you achieve optimal traffic to your site.
  • Variation and synonymization of keywords should not be feared at all. Search engine robots will appreciate such actions.
  • Unique content on the website is essential, so it is worth saying goodbye to duplication once and for all.
  • A website working quickly and smoothly will not only please users, but also search engine robots, which will be able to index your website faster.
  • Responsiveness is the key to success. It is worth ensuring that the website displays well on mobile devices.

The most important things on the website influencing SEO

If you have already learned about SEO, you are probably wondering how to optimize your website to ensure the favor of search engine algorithms. Here's a list of the most important on-page components that affect SEO success or lack thereof:

  • optimized HTML code,
  • content rich in key phrases and headings,
  • efficient technical features of the website,
  • appropriate website structure
  • mobile version of the website,
  • acquiring external links leading to www.

These are obviously the most important issues that you should pay attention to.

SEO is not as terrible as it is written

Although positioning and SEO are new concepts for you, which you want to learn because of your professional duties or a hobby with which you want to appear on the Internet, in fact it is nothing to be afraid of. Remember that neither SEO nor positioning is a one-time activity that ensures an eternal position on the search engine podium. Therefore, either conscientiously start gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in this field, implementing it on your website, or apply for help from a professional company, such as www.pirmedia.pl, which will do it for you. With the help of specialists you can in a relatively short time and without making unnecessary mistakes, come into existence with your website in search engines.

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