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What to look for when choosing an SEO agency?


Effective marketing is key to the success of any business. However, most entrepreneurs do not have the time or competence to take care of it. How to choose an SEO agency that will support the company's development? We suggest.

A good starting point is to consider what SEO services your company needs. This is important when looking for their contractor, as not all agencies offer the same range of services. Usually, they do not limit themselves to increasing website traffic only, but offer much more comprehensive activities. However, if you do not know what will help your business, the best thing is to consult a specialist in this field. A professional agency will advise you on the best solutions, explain what they will consist of, after what time they will bring the expected effect and present their cost.

How to search?

It's worth comparing the range of services and prices of several agencies and check opinions about them. The indicator of quality will be the number of completed orders and reputation in the environment. It is also a good idea to use recommendations of satisfied friends. If in their case the actions of the SEO agency were successful, they are likely to help you as well. The seniority of a given agency is also important, as it is usually connected with experience. It is also worth considering whether the chosen company simply inspires your confidence. SEO activities are long-term - most contracts are signed for e.g. a year - so there is no sense in entrusting your business to someone who is not reliable.

What to pay attention to?

The scope of activities offered by the agency is of great importance. Is the content offered by the agency valuable? Does it have its own link base? Does it offer additional activities, such as maintaining social media accounts? It's worth paying attention to, because a comprehensive service of the company's Internet marketing usually brings much better effects.

Transparency of contract terms

Most SEO agencies work according to a scheme:

  • Audit of the client's website, which allows to determine what actions will be needed;
  • Technical optimization of the website according to the recommendations resulting from the audit;
  • Content optimization for SEO - this is a series of procedures aimed at improving the visibility of your website;
  • Linkbuilding, which consists of acquiring links leading to the website from other external portals. This helps build the reputation of the website;
  • Reporting, which allows the client to check the progress of the agency on an ongoing basis - the frequency of sending reports depends on individual arrangements with the client.

Using such a scheme makes all actions taken by the agency transparent and the client understands their purpose. If the company does not discuss the result of the audit with the client and does not present him with several possible solutions from different price ranges (including budget) and the results they will bring, it is rather not worth trusting.

It is also worth remembering that SEO actions have a long-term character. You cannot expect that they will bring measurable effects after a week or two. An increase in the number of visits to the website is usually visible only after 2-3 months of regular work on the website, whereas the best effect is visible after about 9-12 months, when we can already compare the number of visits to the website in given months year to year.

If you are interested in effective search engine positioning, see the offer of Develtio by Green Parrot: https://greenparrot.pl/nasza-oferta/pozycjonowanie-stron-internetowych/.

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