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Working from home is becoming more and more popular due to changing trends in business and employment. Is it worth working this way? How to arrange your office when space is limited and how to motivate yourself to work to achieve good results?

Working in a home office - pros and cons of this solution

Many people are seriously considering the transition to remote working and see this solution as a great alternative to the classic full-time job. Some remote workers are of a completely different opinion and after some time they start to notice many disadvantages of this solution. The saying goes that a stick has two ends and in fact remote working also has its stronger and weaker sides.

  • When working remotely you need to be very well organized - at home it is easy to lose the line between time for work and time for rest. Some people start working too much, others lose productivity and spend too much time on unnecessary activities. You have to find the right balance and know when to sit down at your computer and when to step away from it to take a break.
  • No need to commute is very convenient - if you are not a mobile person who gets everywhere by car and lives close to the workplace, you will certainly appreciate this advantage of remote working. We will not need to stay at the company's headquarters to work, all we need is a computer, a mouse and a network connection to work on a new program, do marketing or write articles.
  • Remote work requires adapting some part of your home for business use - if your home has been mostly a place for recreation, you may not have adequate space for work. Furnishing and equipping an office are things that cost a lot, but on the other hand it will be an office arranged according to our vision.
  • Remote work can make you feel lonely - a lot depends on what the job is about, but is programming from home, where you can see your loved ones, really more isolating than programming in a room at a big company, where everyone is busy with their own business, and social contacts are limited to a perfunctory exchange of pleasantries?

How to inexpensively decorate your home workspace?

If low price is the priority when furnishing a home office, it is definitely worth betting on minimalism. The exact choice of equipment and furniture should be adjusted to your own requirements and duties. In an inexpensive home office will work well:

  • Computer with accessories from the medium price shelf - mouse, keyboard or speakers for business use do not have to come from the most expensive series for gamers or stand out unusual design, which will also translate into a higher price.
  • Office furniture from the collection for home use - in many furniture stores you can observe a certain relation, according to which home furniture is cheaper than comparable corporate furniture. This is due to the higher resistance of corporate furniture, which often also have locks and security features. For a home office, however, a desk bought in the home furniture section is completely sufficient.
  • Multifunctionaloffice equipment - instead of buying a separate printer, scanner and photocopier, you can choose a multifunctional device. The purchase cost will be much lower, and the equipment itself will take up much less space, but will offer a very wide functionality.
  • Energy efficient solutions - led lighting, switching off equipment from standby mode and reaching for devices with low energy demand will pay off in the long run.

In a home office there should be both equipment and furniture of a typical office character, as well as some nice accents, which will improve our mood during work. These can be potted plants, holiday photos or children's drawings. It is important not to get distracted and focus on them, but treat them as a nice touch that reinforces the feeling that this workplace has a homely, cool atmosphere.

How to motivate yourself to work productively at home?

It is the lack of motivation to act and incompetent management of free time that are the biggest problems of people who switch to the remote working system. To be effective, it is worth:

  • Avoid things that distract us - if notifications from social media, every few minutes, distract us from work, maybe it's worth silencing your phone and logging out for the duration of work?
  • Plan your work and stick to a set schedule - this helps you stay on track with your responsibilities.
  • Try out apps and different types of tools to organize your work, remind you of your duties and register breaks - you may find that half of your day is spent walking to the kitchen to get something to drink and browsing the web instead of working.

Remote working is the future and the present in many industries. The growth of employment in this model of work is forecasted and it is hardly surprising. Remote work brings mutual benefits, is convenient, appreciated and popular in many industries.

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