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Pencils - how to choose the best one?


Thin pens are great for the work environment, but they are also suitable for private use. Children and teenagers also like them, and a well-fitted pen can even help them achieve better results in school. It is important that they are comfortable to use, durable and provide the best possible writing quality. Their colours should be vivid and writing with them should be pleasant and easy. Which companies stand out from the competition? Where is the best place to buy fine point pens and what should you consider when choosing one? Take a look at our tips.

How do I choose a pencil?

A pencil should be tailored to your individual needs. Choose the colours you want and buy proven brands. It's also worth asking your friends about their opinions and checking comments of experienced customers online. The most important thing, however, is to determine - what exactly are we looking for? What do we care most about? Is it durability, solidity, strong colour? According to these criteria we should start our search. It is important not to be fooled and not to fall for great promotions. In fact, it happens that a product available at an exceptionally low price turns out to be worth buying, but these are often low-quality items that manufacturers are trying to sell in this way. It is also important to purchase from a reliable place, preferably from a well-known company with good reviews. It's a good idea to make sure that you can try out one of the pencils and test it in the process, and this will be easiest to do if you buy a pencil in a stationary shop.

Stabilo ballpoint pencils

Stabilo ballpoint pens enjoy a very positive response from customers who are satisfied with their use. They are relatively inexpensive and are available for sale in many places. For this reason, almost everyone can afford an attractive set of Stabilo products. They are considered to be one of the best fine point pens on the market. Their strong metal tips ensure that they are resistant to any delamination or damage, which offers the highest comfort of use all the time. They are versatile - perfect for writing, circling, coloring and highlighting.

thin pens

Rystor ballpoint pens

Rystor rollerballs are also among the most recommended by experienced customers. They are ideal for writing and working with a ruler. Their fibrous tips are provided with metal, which ensures their durability and stability - even if accidentally pressed too hard, they remain undamaged. There are no problems with their availability.

Bic ballpoint pens

Another brand we recommend is Bic. It usually sells the products in sets and affordable prices. They are excellent for writing, as well as sketching and drawing. They are distinguished by extremely vivid colors and also great durability.

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Drawing pens

Drawing pens are professional products. They are recommended primarily to create drawings, sheets, descriptions, as well as technical drawings. They are slightly more expensive than traditional thin pens, but they guarantee amazing results. They are distinguished not only by the highest precision, but also give the highest quality and durability.

Thin-copies - sets

Thinner pens are most often sold in sets. This is a convenient and reasonably priced option. Usually, we can buy sets with all colours or with one specific shade that we want.

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