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What to look for when choosing a desk?


A desk is above all a place to work. Therefore, it must be comfortable for the user, regardless of who is using it - a child, pupil, student or maybe an adult? So what should you pay attention to in order to choose a piece of furniture that will guarantee comfortable conditions for studying and working?

Which desk should I choose?

When choosing a desk, you should first of all think about its purpose. If it is to be a universal piece of furniture available to all family members regardless of age, it is worth choosing a model with adjustable height. Then, each person using it will be able to adjust its size to their height, thus maintaining the correct posture.

This solution is more expensive than a standard desk, but extremely practical. It can also be successfully used in a children's room. It is a well-known fact that children grow fast, so such an adjustable piece of furniture will be extremely useful.

An expert from the Meblujesz shop advises that when deciding to buy it, you should check whether it is possible to adjust the angle of the top in addition to the height. This allows you to adjust the desk to the type of activity, which translates positively into maintaining proper posture and comfort of study and work. Usually, there are three settings to choose from:

  • 30o angle - is optimal for studying and reading,
  • 15o angle - allows comfortable handwriting,
  • 5o angle - is good for painting, drawing and designing.

However, if we opt for a standard solution without height adjustment, the basic issue determining how high a desk we should buy is the height of the user. If it has:

  • 98-112 cm - then the desk top should be at a height of about 46 cm,
  • 113-127 cm - 52 cm,
  • 128-142 cm - 58 cm,
  • 143-157 cm - 64 cm,
  • 158-172 cm - 70 cm,
  • 173 cm and over - 76 cm and over.

When choosing a piece of furniture, it is also worth paying attention to the material it is made of. Desks made of wood-based materials are most often bought. They are cheap, light and resistant to damage. In offices, on the other hand, furniture made of solid wood looks great. They are solid and characterized by beautiful appearance. Therefore they can be a decoration of the interior.

There are also desks made of plastic available on the market. They are usually dedicated to the youngest users. They are cheap and light. We can also find glass desks made of tempered glass.

Computer desks - do they have to be different?

If a computer is to stand on a desk, the furniture has to have slightly different parameters than a desk used only for studying or working with documents. When choosing a desk on which a computer will stand, one should take into account

  • dimensions - the tabletop must be at such a level that a person sitting on it could easily put their hands on it. For people of average height it will be 72-75 centimetres, for tall people - 80 centimetres. The minimum width is 120 centimetres. However, if other accessories are to be placed on the desk, such as speakers or a printer, it is better to choose a wider piece of furniture.

The depth of the piece of furniture should also be taken into consideration. It should reach 80 cm. In the lower part of the desk there should be plenty of space for legs, which will allow you to keep a proper posture,

  • shape - an L-shaped desk is best for working and studying on a computer. Corner and rectangular furniture also works well. The former will even be ideal if you have little space in your room,
  • Construction - desks which are equipped with a pull-out keyboard cabinet are very popular on the market. This is a good solution because in case of desktop computers, the monitor and the keyboard cannot be on the same level. There must be at least 10 centimeters of difference between them.

There are many different types of desks available on the market. When choosing the optimal model, we need to pay attention to the fact that it was adjusted to the height of the user. An interesting option is furniture with adjustable height. You can freely change their size according to your individual needs.

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